Vitamin E Skin Cream

Our unique vitamin E cream is popular because it can be applied directly to the skin where it may help to moisturize, revitalize, and protect skin cells. Vitamin E is widely documented as an essential nutrient for skin health because of its ability to fight free radical damage. Vitamin E may be particularly important for skin cells because of its hydrating and healing properties. Topical vitamin E cream is used as a natural moisturizer or night cream which, over time, may help support the normal healthy aging process of the skin. It may also provide protection for the skin when it is exposed to the elements of sun, wind, and weather conditions. The skin uses vitamin E to protect itself from damaging UV rays from the sun. Mason Natural 100% pure premium vitamin E is a great solution to keep your skin looking firm and tight for a youthful appearance. Our pear scented vitamin E cream is non-greasy, absorbs easily, and is ideal for all skin types.

SKU: 811-2OZ

Type: Cream

Count: 2 oz

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