Vitamin E 90 mg (200 IU)

Our Vitamin E 200 IU softgels are made from pure vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is one of the most popular antioxidant vitamins along with vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin E is popular for skin health, heart health, eye health, and immunity, among others. Like any antioxidant, our vitamin E may help protect your body against free radicals that damage and destroy healthy cells as part of the normal aging process. Vitamin E may be particularly important for skin cells because of its hydrating and healing properties. The skin also uses vitamin E to protect itself from damaging UV rays from the sun. Our vitamin E uses the dl-alpha tocopherol acetate form which comes in softgels to support optimal absorption and assimilation. Modern diets are often limited in fresh, whole foods which can lead to deficiencies in vitamin E, so taking a daily supplement may help to ensure that we receive all the health benefits of this essential nutrient.

SKU: 506-100

Type: Softgels

Count: 100

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