Triple Strength Osteo-Joint Complex with D3 & Boswellia

You don’t have to live with joint pain!! There are critical nutrients such as glucosamine that are important for joint health. Glucosamine provides a foundation for your body to produce compounds called glycosaminoglycans (AKA proteoglycans) which are a major component of cartilage. Joint pain often comes from chronic inflammation, which may be associated with injury or occur naturally with age. The herb Boswellia may be the best kept secret for joint pain. It has been used for hundreds of years by many different cultures to treat chronic inflammatory diseases. There are natural compounds in Boswellia that may help inhibit enzymes that create an inflammatory response in the body. Meanwhile, Vitamin D3 is well known for assisting in the absorption of calcium for strong bones and teeth. It is also known to play an important role in a healthy immune system which indirectly helps to maintain a healthy inflammatory response important for joint health.

SKU: 1851-120

Type: Tablets

Count: 120

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