Milk Thistle 500 mg

Our Milk Thistle concentrate supplement is popular among people who want an easy and effective way to support liver detoxification. Our high-potency milk thistle formula contains 500 mg of whole herb milk thistle per capsule. The liver is the body’s primary organ for detoxification. By acting on the cell membrane of hepatocytes (liver cells), milk thistle helps prevent toxins from entering the cell and causing damage to healthy liver cells. The active ingredient silymarin may be effective at protecting the liver from acute and chronic exposure to toxins. It also helps support the liver’s antioxidant defenses, as this organ is consistently exposed to a variety of damaging free radicals. Because milk thistle is not found in the typical diet, taking a milk thistle supplement is an easy and effective way to support liver detoxification. All Mason Natural products are produced in a GMP certified facility and laboratory tested for purity.

SKU: 1150-60

Type: Capsules

Count: 60

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