Fast Absorption Calcium 600 mg with Vitamin D3

Calcium combined with Vitamin D3 is a convenient way to get the best bone health benefits together in one easy supplement. Calcium works together with mineral nutrients such as magnesium to create bonds that form our bone matrix. This unique structure allows bones to be incredibly strong yet also flexible and resilient. Vitamin D3 plays an important role in bone health as it may support a healthy alignment between the two minerals since it can help move excess calcium into bones. Recognizing the essential role of calcium in bone health, the FDA has even approved the use of calcium supplements in the prevention of osteoporosis. According to the FDA, bone growth, density and strength are greatly dependent on a plentiful supply of calcium within the body, and our diets do not typically provide enough. Mason Natural supplements are produced in a GMP certified facility and laboratory tested for purity.

SKU: 1238-60

Type: Softgels

Count: 60

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