Evening Primrose Oil

Balance is key to a happy and healthy life. For some women, maintaining normal hormonal balance is challenging. Evening primrose oil is rich in the two omega-6 essential fatty acids, cis-linoleic acid (LA) and gamma linoleic acid (GLA), which may help support normal, healthy hormonal balance in women. Estrogen often spikes considerably during mensuration in women of childbearing age. As women approach menopause later in life, estrogen levels can become erratic, rising and falling quickly. Evening primrose oil may help support normal, healthy hormonal balance and help ease dramatic fluctuations. Evening primrose oil may also help support normal, healthy skin and the maintenance of the skin’s oily moisture barrier. Since evening primrose oil is not part of a typical diet, a daily supplement may help support a woman’s normal, healthy hormonal balance.

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Type: Softgels

Count: 60

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