Black Cohosh

Balance is the key to a happy and healthy life. Many women go through changes later to life that can cause fluctuations in hormone levels. For those women, black cohosh herb can be a blessing. Black cohosh herb may help support normal, healthy hormonal balance and ease fluctuations which can lead to symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. Black cohosh has been used in traditional herbal medicine for years for maintaining normal hormonal balance. It contains a natural plant chemical known as triterpene glycosides that may help the body counter the hormone changes that generally accompany menopause. When choosing a black cohosh supplement (or any herbal supplement) it’s important to find one that uses standardized extracts to ensure that you’re getting a biologically active supplement that really works. Since black cohosh is not part of a typical diet, taking a daily supplement may help support a woman’s normal, healthy hormonal balance.

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Type: Capsules

Count: 60

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