Biotin 5,000 mcg

Biotin tablets are popular because biotin may play an important role in supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails. Our high-potency biotin 5000 mcg formula may stimulate amino acid production which is critical for keratin formation. Keratin is the most important protein in the hair and may help to support normal hair follicle growth. The symptoms of biotin deficiency may include hair loss or a scaly red rash on the skin. While biotin is available in many foods we eat, it is a water-soluble vitamin, and therefore it is not stored in the body for long. That means your body uses only what it needs and then excretes the rest. That’s why having a high-potency source of biotin in convenient tablets that can be taken throughout the day can be an easy way to ensure that you have adequate levels for optimal health.

SKU: 1561-60

Type: Tablets

Count: 60

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