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Costa Rica La Sonrisa

Journey with Java Trading to Costa Rica, to Rainforest Alliance™ certified farms hailing within the high elevation hillsides of the Coto Brus region. This coffee features maple and honey undertones that are meant to bring a “sonrisa” or smile to your face.

All of Java Trading farms, mills and roasting facilities are certified by Rainforest Alliance™, no herbicides or insecticides are used and fertilizer is applied carefully and in minimal amounts.

Java Trading operates their own hydroelectric power plants and biomass furnaces at their farms and mills.

To our friends at Java Trading, coffee farmers are their greatest resource and they have taken many steps to ensure their quality of life. From paying higher wages than other growers, to providing in-farm medical no-cost preventative medical and dental services, they make sure to support local communities.

They maintain a forest reserve of old growth woodlands as a nature refuge as well as nature corridors ensures that animals can travel from one end of the farm to the other without ever leaving their natural habitat.

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During these unprecedented times, product availability continues being negatively impacted due to global disruption in the supply chain of ingredients and components.

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